Mercedez Surita
Guest Instructor
CLASSES:  Zumba®, Zumba® Toning
Mercedez Surita has been dancing for over 30 years. With roots deep-seated in New York and Puerto Rico, she has an urban latino flavor that transcends musical genres and takes movement to new heights. Her connection to dance met her love of Zumba in 2011 when she became an Instructor at ENVY Moves. Her passion for music can be felt. She's easy to follow but shows you how to dance with power. Come check her out! You don't want to miss it…
"Fitness to me is a feeling. It's not about an image but about how you feel! Choosing what's right for you is simple. Choose what makes you happy. In the end, you will always go back to it!"

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Success stories
"The teachers and people at ENVY Moves were so welcoming and nonjudgmental from the minute I walked through the door. I have made lifelong friends, who I consider my "Zumba Family."
I've lost weight and got my groove back! So to all the ladies - embrace your beauty and dance!"

- Holly
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